Raiders News: Davante Adams Believes Josh McDaniels Is Doing ‘A Great Job’
Davante Adams, Raiders
Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams (17) walks off the field at the end of the first half of play. The Jacksonville Jaguars hosted the Las Vegas Raiders at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, FL Sunday November 6, 2022. The Jaguars trailed 20 to 10 at the end of the first half. [Bob Self/Florida Times-Union] Jki 110622 Bs Jaguars Vs R 1

When a team is having a season like the Las Vegas Raiders are, it becomes normal for many to begin speculating on possible changes the team can make. Often times that means looking at the head coach, and there are some wondering if Josh McDaniels is really the right person for the job.

With rumblings beginning about McDaniels’ job safety, Raiders owner Mark Davis came out and backed his head coach, saying that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ And while it is surely comforting to hear that coming from the owner, it likely feels just as good to know that the players believe in the coach too, and star receiver Davante Adams made it clear that he is behind McDaniels as well.

Adams was asked if a statement like the one Davis made allows players to breathe a sigh of relief and just play, and the Raiders receiver said confirmed that before noting his belief that the team should be patient with McDaniels.

“I mean, I’m sure for some guys,” Adams said. “My mind has always been like that, and I’ve always had – I don’t know if the feeling is the right word – but at least hope that that would be the case and that they be patient with the whole process. When you look at the history of this place, I don’t think a playoff game has been won in over 20 years here. There’s no magic coach that’s going to come in and change that, and I think that Josh [McDaniels] is doing a great job and he does deserve that in my mind.

I think that we can all be better in certain instances, but some of the greatest coaches this league has seen has had some tough times, and I’m sure they didn’t all come out the blocks sprinting like Usain Bolt starting their career off or starting with a new organization. So, I think it’s a good move by him doing that. It’s good for Josh and it’s good for the rest of the guys too.”

Getting that vote of confidence, not only from the owner but one of the best players on the team, surely has to feel great for McDaniels. The Raiders’ struggles this season are well-documented, and there have been plenty of instances where a team has moved on from a coach after one year.

But it sounds as if McDaniels will get at least some leeway in trying to turn things around. With some drama already brewing around the team, the last thing the Raiders need is more issues.