Raiders Rumors: Raiders Moving Back To L.A. May Be Inevitable
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few years, the NFL returning to Los Angeles has become a realistic possibility. Not only have plans been put in place to build an enormous stadium right next to the Staples Center called Farmers Field, but it seems as though no one is against Los Angeles bringing back one or possibly two NFL teams in the near future.

One of the top candidates to make the move to Los Angeles is none other than the Oakland Raiders. Although the franchise has been reluctant to make the move back to Los Angeles for once again, the team may be forced into making the move simply due to the lack of funding for a new stadium in Oakland.

Reportedly, $300 million would be needed from the city of Oakland in order to begin the process of building a new stadium in the Bay Area. There’s been talk of the Raiders sharing the new stadium in Santa Clara with the San Francisco 49ers, but neither the 49ers or Raiders have been fond about the idea.

With the city unable to give the support needed and the Coliseum lease expiring following the 2013 NFL season, the Raiders heading back to Los Angeles in 2014 may be inevitable according to David Steele of the Sporting News:

This time—for the second time—there might be nothing Oakland or its fans can do about it.

It isn’t fair to them, Matheson. But, when all factors are considered, “Los Angeles could end up paying less to get the Raiders than Oakland can pay to keep them.’’

Although anything can happen between now and when the Coliseum lease expires after the upcoming season, but it seems that the writing may be on the wall. The Raiders may very well be headed back to the city of Los Angeles whether or not the franchise truly wants to return or not.

With no shortage of money and willing investors in Los Angeles, the storied NFL franchise may indeed be headed down south sooner rather than later.

The San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams still remain in play to become the next team in Los Angeles, but the Raiders are without a doubt the ideal candidate with an established and avid fan base.