Raiders’ Charles Woodson Defends Former Teammate Aaron Rodgers
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps one of the most surprising moves made by any team in the NFL during the off-season was the release of veteran cornerback Charles Woodson by the Green Bay Packers as a salary cap casualty. Rumors circulated of Woodson’s release, but they all seemed farfetched until it actually happened.

Woodson wasn’t the only one that parted ways with the storied franchise as Greg Jennings chose to sign with the division rival Minnesota Vikings and Donald Driver retired.

Following the departure of Jennings and Driver, the veteran wide receivers took some shots at superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Woodson claims that those shots at his former teammate were unwarranted via Ernie Padaon of the

“I’m not sure where all this stuff is coming from,” Woodson said. “I just don’t understand.. . . I think A-Rod would consider these guys his friends, so for stuff like this to be coming out about him now that the guys are gone, it’s got to be hurtful to him because what are they talking about, to question his leadership ability, his leadership skills? The guy is one of the best players in the NFL, and I think he does a great job as far as leading them into battle.


“I’m not sure where the attacks – and believe me, they are not warranted, for sure – I don’t know where it’s coming from.”

Before Jennings and Driver spoke out about Rodgers, the one-time Super Bowl champion never received any kind of negative backlash from former teammates. Rodgers was actually one superstar in the league that has been able to stay out of the negative spotlight of the media and was praised for how he handled the Brett Favre situation before finally getting the nod as a starter in Green Bay.

With Woodson being let go by the Packers, he’d likely be a candidate to come out and spill the beans in terms of calling out Rodgers if Jennings and Driver’s comments were warranted. Woodson hasn’t said anything negative about arguably one of the league’s best quarterbacks and probably never will.