Raiders News: Charles Woodson Deems Marshawn Lynch ‘Worthy’ To Wear No. 24 Jersey

The Oakland Raiders franchise is one of the more historic franchises in the National Football League, with a surplus of legendary and Hall-of-Fame players. From Al Davis to Marcus Allen to Charles Woodson, the Raiders have held made a monumental impact and have formed a legacy.

Woodson’s No. 24 jersey is held in high regard in Oakland, as a symbol of the blood, sweat and tears he contributed to the game of football. However, the 2017 Raiders also have a No. 24 in the making, a hometown kid making his return to football for the city of Oakland.

Marshawn Lynch has dawned the No. 24 jersey throughout his tenure with the Seattle Seahawks, with his charismatic personality and dominant running style. Now that Lynch has officially joined the Raiders, many expect him to wear the No. 24 Raiders jersey. Woodson chimed in on the topic once again in a recent interview with ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez, stating no one is more worthy to wear the jersey than Lynch:

“I’m excited about it for Marshawn to have a chance to come home and play in front of friends and family,” Woodson said. “That number 24, that’s something special with the Raiders. I don’t think there’s anybody more worthy than Marshawn to wear that number.”

Perhaps no other Raiders legend is praised more so than Charles Woodson, the electric defensive back. Woodson was selected to nine Pro-Bowls during his career, dominating wide receivers and tight ends during his stints with the Raiders and Green Bay Packers.

However, the Super Bowl champion understands the significance Lynch brings to this Raiders team, fresh off the approved relocation announcement. Lynch not only is representing himself and his family, but the entire city of Oakland.

After some investigative work, it was revealed that Woodson become open to the idea of the No. 24 jersey thanks to some help from Lynch’s own mother, Delisa Lynch:

“Before Marshawn even thought about coming back [Woodson] came to one of our events and I took a picture with him and I said, ‘Hey Charles, if Marshawn comes to the Raiders, can he wear that 2-4?’” Lynch’s mother Delisa told the Raiders’ flagship radio station 95.7 The Game.

Lynch and Woodson both retired after the 2015 season, but Lynch still has some unfinished business. He is off to a fantastic start with his new team, with head coach Jack Del Rio describing his positive beginning.