Oakland Raiders Fan Tasered At British Airport After Striping
Manchester Evening News
Manchester Evening News

Following the announcement earlier this weeek that the Oakland Raiders would play a home game in London next season, more news related to the Raiders in the United Kingdom has started to surface.

Reportedly, a man wearing a Raiders shirt stripped down to nothing recently at a British Airport and was tasered according to the Manchester Evening News:

A 52-year-old guy in a Raiders T-shirt stepped off a plane at the Manchester Airport last week, denuded himself and proceeded to get Tasered by local authorities.

Of course, this drunken fan overseas had to be wearing a Raiders shirt. Typical.

Regardless of this fan losing his mind in Manchester, the Raiders will head to England next season. The disappointing part about the Raiders heading overseas for a game, besides the obvious, is that it will be considered one of their home games.

Although there may be a problem with O.co Coliseum, if the team signs another short-term lease, in terms of playing a home game elsewhere, it seems as though Terrelle Pryor and company will be making the trip regardless of their stadium situation.

Here’s a screenshot of the British man wearing the Raiders shirt before he began to strip down via Manchester Evening News:

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