NFL News: Buccaneers S Dashon Goldson Suspended One Game For Hit

The NFL has vowed to crackdown on illegal hits to defenseless players, but for the most part have only fined players for infractions. Not anymore as Tampa Bay Buccaneers star safety Dashon Goldson has been suspended by the NFL for one game for his hit on Darren Sproles in yesterday’s contest with the New Orleans Saints.

The NFL has been making it a point to talk about player safety and has implemented numerous rules in order to limit the number of hits taken by defenseless receivers, but this is one of the few times that a player has actually been suspended. Cincinnati Bengals LB James Harrison was suspended in 2011 while he was still a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. But that had just as much to do with his history of violent hits as with his one hit on Colt McCoy that garnered the suspension.

The question now becomes if Goldson is the only player suspended. Green Bay Packers rookie running back Eddie Lacy suffered a concussion after a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit by the Washington Redskins’ Brandon Merriweather.

It will be interesting to see the NFL’s explanation if Goldson is suspended while Merriweather is allowed to play.