Ice Cube Believes Tom Brady Needs To Prove Himself As Raider Worthy
Ice Cube, Raiders
Oct 19, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Recording artist and entertainer Ice Cube leads Oakland Raiders players onto the field before the game against the Arizona Cardinals at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders will be hoping to make a splash during the 2023 season as they’ve retooled the roster on both sides of the field.

The biggest free agency move they made was signing Jimmy Garoppolo to replace Derek Carr, though that wasn’t the biggest quarterback name to join the Silver and Black. Tom Brady, fresh off his second retirement from the NFL, became a minority owner for the Raiders and will be involved in the franchise’s future going forward.

There were rumors that Brady could be angling for a return as a player, but those sentiments were shot down, and he is fully expected to remain off the field. Brady is the most decorated player in NFL history and lending his status to Las Vegas could make for some interesting developments down the line though that remains to be seen so far.

Although Brady’s involvement with the day-to-day is unclear, people like Ice Cube have already begun to joke about him needing to prove he’s worthy to the organization via Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports:

“He’s a rookie with the Raiders, so he might have to go get donuts,” he joked to CBS Sports. “(We) might need him to get coffee, grab a couple luggage, grab a couple bags, you know what I’m saying? So we’ll see how his rookie year goes, and if he’s Raider worthy, he’ll get a spot on the squad. But right now, he a rookie. And he better remember he a rookie.”

Ice Cube’s comments will surely draw some laughs, though he probably speaks for a large part of the fan base that still might not accept him given what he’s done to their favorite team in previous matchups. However, Brady did earn some brownie points when he previously talked about why he chose to invest in Las Vegas so maybe it won’t take too long for him to win everyone over.

Tom Brady buying more than just ceremonial piece of Raiders

When the news broke that Brady would be coming on board as a minority owner, the initial thought was that he’d be given more power within the organization when it came to decisions. Brady seemed to quell any noise about that when he publicly said he’d be playing a passive role, but the feeling around the league is that the future NFL Hall of Famer bought more than just a ceremonial piece of the team.