Tom Brady Reacts To Raiders Shocking Last-Second Win Over Patriots
Tom Brady, Raiders, Patriots
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

In a weekend full of crazy comebacks and insane victories, the Las Vegas Raiders’ victory over the New England Patriots might have topped them all. Chandler Jones intercepting an attempted lateral from Jakobi Meyers and returning it for a game-winning touchdown with no time remaining was so improbable that it caught the eye of everyone, including former Patriots and current Bucs star quarterback Tom Brady.

No player is more synonymous with the Patriots than Brady, as he built the vast majority of his legacy with that franchise. He has even been a part of his own wild, improbable Patriots loss, which this recent Raiders victory brought him back to.

Brady spoke about his podcast and gave his breakdown on what he saw on that final play of the Raiders’ victory over his former team, via Joseph Salvador of Sports Illustrated:

“That was crazy and I was part of the one in Miami in [2018] when we lost at Miami on the Miami Miracle,” Brady said on the Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray podcast. “It was just so improbable for that to happen. I saw that highlight as I was driving home from the game yesterday. It’s just sports, man. You never know. You never know. Anything can happen […] It’s just a crazy game. I saw Rhamondre [Stevenson] got the ball and it was a great run. I’m sure the Raiders at that point were like, ‘tackle him, tackle him.’ Then they pitched it to Jakobi and Jakobi’s trying to make it happen.

“Then next thing you know, Jakobi got it and in that moment, you might lose your train of thought because you lose what’s really going on in that situation,” he continued. “You think, ‘Oh, someone tossed me the ball, I have to make a play.’ Sometimes that’s the worst thing when you say, ‘I’ve got to make a play. I’ve got to make a play.’ The play was obviously to go to overtime. That’s sports. It goes from ‘Oh my god, tackle that guy’ to ‘Oh my god, we got the ball’ and then the Patriots are saying ‘Tackle that guy’ and they couldn’t get him on the ground.”

It is interesting the way Brady talks about wanting to make a play and how sometimes that can be detrimental. As he said, the right play was simply to go down and get ready for overtime, but in the moment, that is not always the case, and in this instance, it led to a Raiders win.

Brady has made a career out of making the right plays and not always trying to do too much, knowing when is the right time and when to just throw it away or take the loss. Coincidentally there are some rumors floating around about him potentially joining the Raiders, where he reportedly almost signed back in 2020. Perhaps Tom Brady could very well find himself in the silver and black opposite his former team in the future.