Raiders Video: Davante Adams Revokes Hunter Renfrow’s Uber Privileges
Hunter Renfrow, Raiders
Dec 26, 2021; Paradise, Nevada, USA; Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Hunter Renfrow (13) celebrates his touchdown catch during the first half at Allegiant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It is always essential for a quarterback to have a great relationship with his wide receivers, and Derek Carr understands that very well. He has already developed an excellent relationship with Hunter Renfrow, and his longtime friendship with new Las Vegas Raiders receiver Davante Adams has been well documented as well.

It’s not uncommon for teammates to have fun outings together, and that was the case as Carr, Renfrow, Adams, and receiver Mack Hollins all set out to Top Golf. It was Renfrow who was put in charge of ordering an Uber for the group, and now he has apparently lost those privileges.

Adams posted a video to his social media of the four cramming into a regular-sized Uber on the way to Top Golf, making it clear that Renfrow will never be in charge of transportation again, via Bleacher Report:

There are numerous possibilities as to how this happened, and many are surely wondering why Renfrow didn’t order an Uber XL that would have comfortably seated everyone. Of course, the most popular one is that Renfrow was looking to save his money and thus didn’t want to pay extra for the larger vehicle.

Many would scoff at this, considering Renfrow signed a $32 million contract extension this offseason, but the sports world is full of millionaires who pinch pennies in any way possible. It’s also possible that Renfrow made an honest mistake and simply clicked the wrong button for the ride or that he forgot that his much taller teammates wouldn’t be as comfortable in a normal-sized Uber. At 5-foot-10, Renfrow likely has no issues, but with Adams at 6-foot-1, Carr at 6-foot-3, and Hollins at 6-foot-4, that extra leg room is extremely necessary.

Maybe this was just a cruel joke by Renfrow as he was in the front seat, letting his taller teammates cram in the back, but in the end, the fact that the Raiders are all on one page and enjoying each other is a good sign that the chemistry is building for this potentially explosive offense.