Rumors: Raiders & Sheldon Adelson Have Made Progress Towards Las Vegas Deal

While the entire fan base anxiously waits for the Oakland Raiders Wild Card Game against the Houston Texans, the organization made headlines regarding their ongoing dilemma with their relocation. Within a few days of their first playoff game since 2002, Sheldon Adelson and the organization have upped their offer to move to Las Vegas.

Drama has ensued between the fan base and the organization, as Raider nation continue exercising their desire for the franchise to remain in Oakland. However, that hasn’t stopped the franchise from exploring their options.

Owner Mark Davis has until February 15th to decide upon the relocation, as fans and the organization patiently wait for a definite answer.

A key figure in the relocation deal is Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who can supply the money needed for the Raiders. As he continues to hold power in the grand scheme of things, he may have the ultimate say alongside Davis.

The conversations have reportedly reached a new stepping-stone, as Adelson has made progress in favor of the move, via Jason Cole of Bleacher Report:

The governor of Nevada recently stated that Las Vegas is ready for a NFL team, confident that the market of Las Vegas can fuel the Raiders and their relocation.

However, if Davis was to reach an approval, the Raiders are to remain in Oakland for two more seasons.

The Raiders 12-4 regular season brought plenty of excitement to the franchise, but leaves the fans in an unsure situation. While the injury to Derek Carr put a hamper on the Raiders’ playoff chances, the team still remains focused on the contest ahead.

NFL commissioner Roger Goddell gave his opinion on the possible relocation to Las Vegas, stating that all the facts will present themselves in the grand scheme of things.

While the Raiders continue to prepare for their playoff run, the organization remains split amongst the possible relocation.