Raiders News: Mark Davis Provides Details In Regards To Previous Failed Attempts With Oakland

The Oakland Raiders made headlines this NFL offseason for many reasons, whether it was regarding Marshawn Lynch or the Las Vegas transition. The NFL owners ultimately voted in favor of the relocation, with an unexpected 31-1 approval that stunned the city of Oakland.

Raiders owner Mark Davis has since taken a rather calm approach to the sensitivity of the subject, while also issuing a public statement stating that Oakland will forever be a part of the Raiders’ DNA. During that initial period, the city of Oakland had mixed feelings, torn at the idea of their beloved Raiders departing to another home.

While Davis was issued a majority of the blame, it is also important to view things from his perspective. As the owner, both he and his father had a plan in store for the franchise, with Davis stating that his father, the late Al Davis, would be proud of the decision. The city of Oakland, not actually considering the Raiders would depart, came in with a few last ditch efforts, which the NFL didn’t take seriously.

Now in the aftermath of the decision, some more details have come to surface. According to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, Davis stated that he had negotiations with the Oakland Athletics franchise during an interview earlier this month:

The Athletics have shared the Oakland Coliseum with the Raiders since 1968, two years prior to the opening of the beloved stadium. It currently stands as the last stadium in the United States that shares a professional football and baseball franchise, serving as a staple in the Oakland community.

With both teams being intertwined in the city, Davis saw the angle that could make a stay in Oakland possible, although it didn’t come to life. The Raiders still have two years remaining at the Coliseum, as per their lease agreement.

During the radio interview, Davis provided details in regards to one possible deal that was in place, but fell apart by the Athletics’ deal to remain at the Oakland Coliseum:

The Las Vegas stadium is scheduled to be complete by the 2020 stadium, which actually provides an awkward gap period for the franchise. With their lease finishing after next season, the 2019 season is still up for grabs. However, the Oakland Coliseum has already let their feelings be known in regards to a possible third and final year, stating they don’t want the franchise to return.