Raiders’ Quarterback Derek Carr: ‘I’m So Happy For The Fans’

Through the constant ups and downs over the last two decades for the Oakland Raiders, one thing has remained consistent. Besides the Davis family ownership, Raiders nation and the fans have always been 100 percent supportive of their team and city. With Derek Carr and the Raiders sitting at 9-2, it allows them a chance to reflect on the impact it has for the fan base and city.

On many occasions, head coach Jack Del Rio alluded to the continual atmosphere the fans present, impacting a home game with their constant cheers and boos.

Even when the Raiders traveled to Mexico City in a record crowd, Del Rio stated how impressed he was by the support they provided. When games are being played at the Oakland Coliseum, the black hole swallows the enemies whole.

After the Raiders defeated the Carolina Panthers, Carr was asked about the significance of a winning team and left the celebration up to the fans, via

“I really feel like that’s more for our fans,” Carr said. “Obviously we can’t celebrate anything yet, but I’m happy for our fans. I know the heartache that they’ve had. Trust me, I’ve been a part of that heartache, giving them heartaches during games in my short three years. But hopefully we’ve given them a lot of happy moments. That’s the thing that makes my day.”

The Raiders end their streak of four consecutive home games in Week 13, with a matchup against the Buffalo Bills. The team is currently 4-2 at home, while continuing their perfect 5-0 road record.

After the conclusion of Week 13, the Raiders will have one of their remaining four games at home. The last stretch of the regular season will present the toughest test yet, as the Raiders have three divisional matchups to end the season.

The continual business-like mentality that Del Rio has placed on his roster doesn’t leave much time for glory. After each contest, the team immediately moves onto their next opponent, with the bigger goal on their minds.

The players will be the first to say that they aren’t cocky, because the respect for their opponents never allows them to fear their opponent. The team won’t embellish their record or chances at the Super Bowl. However, Carr wants to reiterate that the Raiders enjoy the pleasure they give to their fans and the city of Oakland:

“I’m so happy for our fans because I know how much joy that brings to our city,” Carr stated. “I know how much life that brings to the city of Oakland. And that’s what I’m about, man.”

The Raiders-Bills game at the Coliseum is slated for a 1:05 P.M. PST start. It will be aired locally on CBS, as Carr and the team attempt to keep their place atop the AFC and the AFC West.