Raiders News: Terrelle Pryor To Start Season Opener vs. Colts

It was expected, after the Raiders traded two draft picks to the Seattle Seahawks, that Matt Flynn would assume the starting quarterback position for the Oakland Raiders. After some less than stellar play, and some impressive performances from the competition, that is no longer the case.

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that Terrelle Pryor will start the Raiders’ regular season opener against the Colts this Sunday:

While Tafur may not be surprised, this was not the expected outcome when this competition began at the outset of training camp. But Flynn is very limited in his skillset and was unable to lead the offense to a touchdown in the entire preseason.

Pryor meanwhile, had both good and bad moments but showed vast potential with what he could bring to the team. With the Raiders in dire need of playmakers on offense, Pryor definitely was the way to go if the Raiders are to have any chance of making some noise this season.

For Flynn, this now marks the second consecutive year that a team has traded for him, only for him to be beaten out for the starting job in the preseason.

Pryor says he is ready to be a starter, we will soon find out if that was the truth.