Raiders News: Season Ticket Deposits Now Being Accepted For Las Vegas Stadium

March 27, 2017 turned into a day or reckoning for the Oakland Raiders franchise. During the annual NFL owners meeting, a 31-1 vote officially approved the Raiders relocation to the city of Las Vegas. At the end of the day, owner Mark Davis received his wish and was granted the transfer to the state of Nevada.

When it was all said and done, Davis released a public statement saying that his father would approve of the decision. Davis also stated his remorse for the city of Oakland, stating that the city of Oakland is incorporated into the Raiders’ DNA.

However, the franchise had to move onto a new location, with a state of the art stadium to be built in southern Nevada, right near the Las Vegas strip. The stadium isn’t expected to be ready until 2020, but that hasn’t stopped the organization from accepting deposits towards the completion, via Paul Gutierrez of

A day after winning the vote to relocate to Las Vegas, the Oakland Raiders announced to fans they can put down a $100 deposit on season tickets for the to-be-constructed $1.9 billion, 65,000-seat dome stadium in Southern Nevada.

The Raiders are already sold out for their 2017 season tickets, their second straight season with a waiting list. Although the vote was approved, Davis understood that there would be at least two more seasons at the Oakland Coliseum, as per their lease agreement.

The new stadium and the proposal relied upon the backing that Bank of America provided for Davis, with some last minute alterations that vastly improved their chances.

While many fans remain torn about the decision, some also ponder the possible design renderings of the upcoming stadium and future home of the Raiders. If interested, you can check out the Las Vegas Stadium website, where you can place your $100 deposit or watch a video that has a sample projection.

The new stadium will feature a retractable grass field and is slated to be built on the 62-acre plot west of Interstate 15 and directly next to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Davis, who understood the impending resiliency from Oakland, also offered current season ticket holders the opportunity to get their tickets refunded.

Franchise players Derek Carr and Khalil Mack were the first players to react to the decision, stating their mixed emotions during this troubling time in franchise history. Many fans took to social media to express how distraught they were with the decision, especially the Oakland residents who now have to face the reality of their departing team.