Raiders News: Rapper Ice Cube Says Team Owes ‘Oakland A Super Bowl Championship’

The Oakland Raiders have reemerged atop the NFL during this return to greatness, with their sights set on reaching Super Bowl LII. However, the headlines regarding this offseason have dealt with the Las Vegas relocation and Marshawn Lynch’s return to Oakland.

Entering the 2017 season, the Raiders have two more years remaining on their lease with the Oakland Coliseum, with the Coliseum already stating they don’t want the Raiders to return in 2019. With these circumstances, the city of Oakland may only have two more seasons to witness their beloved team at the black hole.

During this offseason, many stars and athletes have commented on the situation regarding both Las Vegas and Oakland. The next one up came on Friday, with rapping legend Ice Cube appearing on ESPN’s First Take in Oakland. During this segment, Ice Cube had a bold statement that the entire city of Oakland is envisioning, via Jimmy Durkin of

“I think the Raiders owe Oakland a Super Bowl championship before they leave,” Ice Cube said on an appearance on ESPN’s First Take, filmed live in Oakland at the Lake Chalet Seafood Bar & Grill.

The Raiders enter the 2017 season with 12/1 odds to win the Super Bowl, according to That ranking is actually tied for second best with four other teams, with the Raiders being the second AFC team to appear on the list.

While Oakland fans may remain torn on the decision to support their beloved team, season tickets for the Oakland Coliseum have already been sold out. These two upcoming seasons serve as a farewell tour and a chance for the Raiders to leave Oakland with a Super Bowl championship.

Ice Cube addressed his sympathy towards the city of Oakland, stating that he doesn’t understand why the NFL would allow this process with their $13 billion revenue in 2016:

“But I feel sad for Oakland, straight up,” he added. “I think the NFL makes so much money. They have enough money to build a stadium here. What are they doing? Why they have these teams uprooting and leaving?”

The self-proclaimed president of Raider nation has strong roots to the Raiders, cheering for the team since their stay in Los Angeles. Ice Cube, the president of BIG 3, always is vocal regarding sports. It is no surprise to see his backlash towards the NFL, envisioning his beloved team departing for Las Vegas.