Raiders News: Mayor Libby Schaaf Headlines Last-Ditch Proposal For Oakland Stadium

The annual league meeting for the NFL owners is set for March 26, with a big upcoming decision for the Oakland Raiders franchise. While Reggie McKenzie has been busy dealing with free agents, owner Mark Davis has been trying to finalize the relocation to Las Vegas.

During this eventful offseason, the media has reported the ongoing seesaw battle between those in favor of the move and those in favor of keeping the Raiders in Oakland. When Sheldon Adelson and Goldman Sachs backed out of the initial proposal, it gave some life towards new potential business deals for other investors.

The initial proposed deal for Oakland didn’t go exactly as planned the first time, but it seems as though the city of Oakland isn’t going down quietly. Mayor Libby Schaaf called a town meeting and proposed a last ditch proposal for a new stadium in East Bay, via Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle:

During the meeting, Schaaf seemingly stated that this might have been the last chance to persuade the owners in lieu of the meetings scheduled for tomorrow. This fourth down effort doesn’t necessarily need to be accepted, but rather just needs to deter the remaining 31 owners from voting in favor of the relocation.

The Fortress Investment Group may sound familiar and that is because they were the central figure in the initial proposal. The Fortress Investment Group worked alongside Ronnie Lott and made a rather secret proposal, while Lott pleaded with the Oakland community to continue pressuring the NFL.

With the Fortress Investment Group offering up $600 million on their end, all that remains is how the NFL will delegate the remaining fees. Sportscenter announced the updated plan for the city of Oakland, including a mixed-use stadium worth roughly $1.3 billion:

Based on the perception the media has put forth, it seems as though Davis has been rather reluctant towards negotiating with the Oakland side.

The upcoming week will certainly put an end once and for all to the rumors, as fans in Oakland patiently wait to find out the faith of their beloved team.