Raiders News: Maxx Crosby Taking Pride In Being A Captain And Leader Of The Team
Maxx Crosby, Raiders
Aug 14, 2022; Paradise, Nevada, USA; Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby (98) greets fans before the game against the Minnesota Vikings at Allegiant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders have some true cornerstones on the roster and chief among them is pass rusher Maxx Crosby. The two-time Pro Bowler has already established himself as one of the premier defensive ends in the NFL in just four seasons.

Last year Crosby put forth another All-Pro caliber season, despite somehow not getting the recognition for it, and coming into his fifth year he is looking to push it up to another level.

In an interview with Anna Clemmons of GQ, Crosby spoke about his offseason work, even taking some things from the late, great Kobe Bryant:

It’s been an incredible off-season. From a training aspect, I sat down with my nutrition guys, my strength staff, everyone I work with, to get ready for another off-season. We came up with a great plan. I got this from Kobe [Bryant]: I make agreements with myself. I’ll be in the building by this time, I will do all these different things: I will hit this speed on the field, work up to this, etc. These are the things I’m pushing for and working toward. I still have a few [offseason] weeks left, but I’ll just say this, it’s been an incredible off-season.

But as much as Crosby is looking forward to the on-field success both for himself and the team, he may be taking more pride in being the real leader of this Raiders team:

I have so much experience that now I’m in a role where this is my team. I take a lot of pride in that. I’m a two-time captain and I plan on being a third-time captain. I take a really big responsibility of being the best leader I can be. That was also one of my themes this off-season: I will tap into the next level of leadership. How can I be the best leader I can be? I am still growing.

I studied the Kobes, the Jordans, the Alis, and applying that to how I lead. I’m not just talking about it, I’m showing it. I take too much time to come out here and not be the best version of myself. It’s not guaranteed that I’m going to be the best. But I would be doing myself and my daughter a disservice if I tell her, “Work your hardest” if I’m then not doing it.

Crosby is the exact type of person any franchise would want, and he clearly wants to accomplish all of his goals with the Raiders. He has spoken about his desire to bring a championship to Las Vegas, and there is no doubt that he will do everything on his end to make that happen.