Raiders News: Marshawn Lynch Top-Selling Jersey In West Coast; Several Other States

The return of Marshawn Lynch was a sight to see around the NFL, as he announced his intentions to come out of retirement and join his hometown Oakland Raiders. With the decision regarding the Las Vegas relocation official, Lynch thought of no better situation than a two-year span to bring Oakland a championship trophy.

Lynch has been atop many headlines in regards to the NFL this offseason, whether he is supporting his philanthropic causes in Oakland or whether participating in running back drills at the beach with boots on. His popularity has gained even more steam, turning into a respected figure around the NFL.

The five-time Pro-Bowler’s return also means another opportunity for his fans to support him with jersey sales. Lynch’s marketing antics with Skittles have become quite the social media draw, gaining fans around the United States that he possibly didn’t know existed. According to NFL on ESPN, Lynch has taken a grasp of west coast jersey sales and has even captured a few other states:

The 2012 All-Pro running back fits into an already stacked offense, ready to rebound and dethrone the New England Patriots in the AFC. Lynch became the ideal fit for the roster when Latavius Murray announced he was joining the Minnesota Vikings.

Lynch certainly does have a west coast flair about himself, going back to his time with the University of California, Berkley. However, the 31-year-old has also found other fan bases in other states across the United States.

The 2007 first-round pick’s west coast influenced included Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii. Lynch was also able to capture South Dakota, Indiana, Kansas and Iowa, a little bit outside the comforts of the west coast.