Raiders News: Marshawn Lynch ‘Glad’ Super Bowl Mistake Happened

The Seattle Seahawks have been one of the more successfully ran franchises in the NFL the past several seasons. With a star quarterback in Russell Wilson and a well-respected head coach in Pete Carroll, the team is only three seasons removed from the franchise’s first Super Bowl win.

Everyone expected a handoff to then Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch to help seal the win during Super Bowl XLIX, but Carroll opted to pass rather than hand it off to his Pro Bowl back. Lynch, at the time, was confused by Carroll’s decision to pass on the goal line with one time out left and the team ultimately lost to the New England Patriots.

Now, Lynch seems to have made peace with his former coach’s decision after these past few years. According to Daniel Mano of Mercury News, the missed opportunity may have allowed Lynch to come and play for his home town team, the Oakland Raiders:

I’m kind of glad, I’m happy… to tell you the truth; Had we ran that and we would have scored, I would be in a different position and it probably wouldn’t be in a position to play for the home team. I don’t know what would have happened…”

Lynch has exuded plenty of confidence since coming out of retirement and has constantly expressed his excitement for playing for the silver and black. Now, he will get the opportunity to lead the Raiders’ backfield and establish their ground game.

After Oakland’s final preseason game against Seattle, Lynch and Carroll were seen dancing and embracing each other along with other members of the Seahawk. Now on the Raiders, Lynch will be looking to repeat some of the success he has had in his career with his new team during the 2017 NFL season.