Raiders News: Derek Carr & Khalil Mack React To Approved Relocation To Las Vegas

The NFL offseason brought about many headlines regarding the upcoming season, but the ongoing situation with the Oakland Raiders franchise and the relocation to Las Vegas took many headlines. All the build up and proposals sent in were all meant towards the end of March, at the annual NFL owner’s meeting.

When it was all said and done, 31 of the 32 owners voted in favor of the relocation, bringing the relocation to fruition. The only one to vote against the relocation was Stephen Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins.

Owner Mark Davis also confirmed that the franchise will play their 2017 and 2018 seasons at the Oakland Coliseum, but the decision has left a stinging feeling throughout all of the NFL. In fact, some of the Raiders took to Twitter to express their emotions regarding the relocation.

First off, franchise player and soon-to-be-re-signed quarterback Derek Carr went to Twitter to not only express his resentment for the fans in Oakland, but also address the new fan base waiting in Nevada:

Carr has always maintained a professional profile throughout his career, while also being an emotional leader and captain for this team. The Fresno State alumnus expressed some heartfelt thoughts towards the fans of Oakland, but also stated that his team will do whatever they can to bring that elusive championship to the city that has given them everything.

Fellow captain Khalil Mack, who is also expecting a hefty payday, has resided as the captain and enforcer on the defensive side of the ball. Both he and Carr have developed a close-knit feeling, as Mack reiterated his thoughts on Twitter:

The NFL owner’s meeting still has to cover some of the remaining topics scheduled this week, along with the aftermath of the decision going to the public. Davis put out a formal statement regarding the approved decision, by stating that his father believed that the future of the franchise was of the upmost importance.

Davis stated that their return to greatness will be aided by their new incoming stadium at the entertainment capital of the world, but also concluded that Oakland is a part of the Raiders’ DNA.