Raiders News: Derek Carr Insists Contract Negotiations Will Stop If Not Done By Training Camp

The Oakland Raiders hit the jackpot during the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft, when they drafted quarterback Derek Carr. After a rookie season filling with learning experiences, Carr has blossomed into a franchise quarterback and capable leader, ready to take the next step.

Although Carr’s 2016 season was cut short by his broken leg, he has bounced back stronger than ever. He used the offseason to rehab his leg, in order to come into the OTA’s at close to 100 percent. Through the struggles, Carr has emerged as the clear-cur leader of the offense, showing a professionalism and lead-first mentality.

Carr appeared before a media session, following another set of OTAs. A main concern with the reporters around the Raiders is Carr’s ongoing contract situation, set to play in the final season of his contract. While both sides are expected to resolve a contract situation soon, Carr stated that talks will die if no deal is agreed upon by training camp, via

“There is nothing new to report right now. I’m hoping that these things will pick up real soon, which we’re expecting anyway. They’ve been talking to Tim, my agent, and things like that, but that should get going real soon, I would hope because once training camp hits I’m all football. I’m not going to distract my teammates.”

Carr has demonstrated that professionalism first hand on many occasions, putting the production of his team before his own situation. The 26-year-old is strictly focused on winning with this team, trying not to let his own situation turn into a distraction.

The franchise quarterback continued on by stating that he understands the business side of the organization, but that his main concern is improving his overall game:

“I’m just focused on football because, again, I just want to win. All that stuff is fun and cool and all that. It has to happen because it’s a business, but I have so many things I want to work on. I don’t want to distract my teammates.”

At the end of the interview, Carr alluded to how he has been bothered when his teammates are asked about his situation. A week ago, two-time All-Pro Khalil Mack was caught off guard by contract questions regarding himself and Carr on ESPN.