Raiders News: Despite Las Vegas Approval, Raiders Stay In Oakland For Two More Seasons

The Oakland Raiders are off to an exhilarating 4-1 start, but although the team is doing phenomenal, news still remains with the organization. While Jack Del Rio has the team focused on their Week 6 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs, ownership remains at bay about the pending deals.

It is no secret owner Mark Davis is actively searching for replacement locations. The believed location resides in Las Vegas Nevada, where an active assortment of Raiders fans is located. While the Raiders have a strong fandom across southern California and the West Coast, the constant discussion of relocation has fans unsure of the future.

The Raiders have steadily moved on from the previous lost seasons, as the franchise is beginning to once again exude a winning mentality. With a win on Sunday, the team will have a one-game lead in the AFC West.

Davis and Del Rio have the team moving in the right direction, while the organization handles matters beyond team control.

According to Paul Gutierrez of ESPN NFL Nation, Davis is insistent on staying in Oakland despite the approval:

With the stadium approved, it is a matter of time before Davis and the organization make a formal announcement regarding the whereabouts of the team.

While the stadium is expected to be finalized in the upcoming year, the fans of Oakland continue to remain loyal to their franchise.

Once the transition is complete, it would mark the third different city the Raiders have played for, stemming back to the days with the Los Angeles Raiders.