Raiders News: David Carr, Older Brother Of Derek Carr, Takes Shots At Raiders, Tom Brady
Derek Carr, Raiders
Chris Unger-Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders are still in the midst of figuring out their quarterback situation. The team is working to find a trade for last year’s starter Derek Carr but must do so before the date comes when his money becomes guaranteed. One way or another, Derek Carr will be on a new team that is not the Raiders next season.

The way the Raiders have handled this Derek Carr situation has come under some scrutiny by many. It was only a matter of time before his older brother, former NFL quarterback and 2002 top overall pick David Carr had some words about it.

Carr released a video on Harvester Sports about a potential podcast he plans on doing with Derek in the future. The older brother explained that they will wait until Derek’s NFL future is sorted out before that happens, but also took a couple of shots at both the Raiders and Carr’s potential replacement Tom Brady:

“Look, let’s be honest; it’s my brother. He’s going to go find another job. He’s going to try and play quarterback in the NFL again with another NFL team. Right now, it’s a little touchy. There are some things going on; they [the Raiders] are trying to work out a trade. Derek has to accept the trade. Mark Davis once tried to trade me, but that didn’t work out. See how it works out for him with my brother. Yes, eventually we will shoot a podcast. It’ll be fun. We’ll dig into what went wrong. I know Raiders fans are excited to dig into this and learn what happened inside the walls of Las Vegas. We’re going to wait. Okay, we’re going to wait. The Raiders are moving on to a new quarterback. Maybe it’s Tom Brady. That was exciting, right? You guys enjoyed that the other day? It’ll be fun, and you guys will do great.”

When someone is speaking about family, there is always the likelihood of emotions getting involved, so David Carr taking a couple of shots is to be expected. He is also trying to build some anticipation for this future podcast episode, and finding out some inside stories within the Raiders organization is certainly enough to get some people to tune in.

As he noted, though, the focus right now is on Derek Carr finding his next landing spot, wherever that may be. The shots at Brady and the Raiders were unnecessary ones, but it’s not anything that will affect what they do in the upcoming offseason.