Raiders News: Davante Adams Says Offense Has ‘A Ton Of Potential’
Davante Adams, Raiders

With new head coach Josh McDaniels and star receiver Davante Adams, the Las Vegas Raiders look set up to have one of the most explosive offenses in the 2022 season.

Adams joining Derek Carr, Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow and Josh Jacobs transform the Raiders into a dangerous team on that side of the field and could be the final piece needed to make a Super Bowl run. Adams is widely regarded as the best receiver in the league, and he should be well-positioned to retain that title.

The star receiver believes the potential is there but also emphasized the need to work at it every day. “I mean, this offense has as a ton of potential. We got players all over that have made plays and have done a great job and been doing it for a long time now. But the potential is nothing until you put the work in, and we still got a long way to go.

“So, we’re climbing right now, doing all the right things and learning a new scheme and all of that. But it don’t really matter until you go out there and really put it together. Darren (Waller) is a hell of an athlete. We talked about Hunter. We got Josh (Jacobs). We got a lot of running backs too. I’m excited to see what Ameer (Abdullah) does. A lot of guys that can go make plays and give this offense the potential to explode, but it ain’t going to happen because we just standing out there. So, we got to keep stacking the days and put the work in.”

Even though Adams has not been with the organization long, he has already impressed with his work ethic and attitude. Hopefully, that leads to success in the upcoming season because the Silver and Black faithful are starved for wins.