Raiders News: Davante Adams Loves Seeing Deion Sanders Thrive With Colorado
Davante Adams, Raiders
(AP Photo/John Locher)

While the 2023 season is in full swing, football fans have also been treated to some fun moments watching the college ranks.

College football is always an exciting time, but this year has even more intrigue as Deion Sanders heads up Colorado in the Pac-12. Sanders has managed to lead the Buffalos to a perfect 3-0 start, and the last win was a thrilling one as they managed to outlast Colorado St. in double-overtime.

NFL players have taken notice of what Sanders has been able to do, and Las Vegas Raiders star Davante Adams revealed he’s been tuning in to every game.

“Look man, I’m all for it,” Adams said. “I love it, I love to see it. I love the untraditional approach. It’s a weird dynamic, and I’ve thought about this for a minute just because he’s a real old school type cat, but he’s bringing like a crazy clash of like new school and old school together – putting Instagram handles on their jerseys. Clearly, I mean, you see the way that he commands his team, and you see the way that they are out there, it’s like a show.

“So, I mean, I know I enjoy watching, I’m not missing it, I don’t care what’s on TV. If the Colorado Buffaloes playing right now, I want to see [Lil] Wayne and Lil Uzi on the sideline and whoever else is next, too. It’s fun and I like to see it a little different. If you can bring it, at the end of the day winning is going to take care of everything. So, they keep doing that they can be as flashy and as cool as they want to, showing off the AP’s and all that. I love it.”

Coach Prime has injected some new life and energy into college football, and it’ll be fun to see just how far he can take his team this year.

Davante Adams wants to continue seeing Shedeur Sanders succeed

Colorado’s success can also be attributed to Sanders’ son Shedeur Sanders who led the team to a thrilling comeback win against Colorado St. Adams hasn’t watched much film on the younger Sanders but is still rooting for him.

“Well, I haven’t really studied him too much, but I mean, he’s obviously doing something well enough, and I’ve seen the growth, and I feel like his growth was pretty gradual too. It wasn’t something that where he just kind of boomed on the scene just because he was Deion’s [Sanders] son, he was just the superstar, he had to kind of work into that. And he’s got a lot of hype and all of that kind of around his name right now, and he’s doing what he got to do to keep that going. So, I like what he’s doing, I just want to see him keep it doing it.”