Raiders News: Allegiant Stadium Will Bring Las Vegas Club, DJ Experience During Games
Wynn Field Club, Raiders

Although their exciting move to Sin City was dampened by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Las Vegas Raiders were able to unveil the beautiful Allegiant Stadium during the 2020 season.

Although Allegiant Stadium made its television debut last year, the Raiders and their fans could not enjoy it as owner Mark Davis maintained an all-or-nothing stance when it came to attendance. However, the 2021 NFL season may be a different story as the coronavirus situation has improved with an increasing number of individuals getting vaccinated.

Most states have already begun the process of easing up on restrictions and attendance levels, which means it is very likely that Allegiant Stadium will be open to the Silver and Black faithful. The fun on gameday should be amplified because it was announced that Wynn Resort will be the sponsor of the Wynn Field Club, according to Paul Gutierrez of ESPN.

Allegiant Stadium, the Las Vegas Raiders’ new domed home on the corner of Al Davis Way and Dean Martin Drive, has a sponsor and theme for its field-level club, which is a Derek Carr completion away from the north end zone. Wynn Resorts is the “official nightlife partner” of the Raiders and Allegiant Stadium.

The new area will be fitted with state-of-the-art entertainment equipment and will also feature some of the best DJs Las Vegas has to offer.

Stretching the length of the end zone while featuring 42 televisions, a 9-foot-by-35-foot LED screen, two DJ booths and a 45,000-watt sound system, the near-11,000-square foot space will “feature appearances by Wynn Nightlife’s legendary roster of world-class DJs, premium bottle service and over the top-access that can only be found in Las Vegas,” according to a press release.

With Wynn Resorts partnering with the Raiders, the team will be a featured destination for any football fan traveling through Las Vegas. Raiders fans are well known for their spirit and enthusiasm, and the stadium’s club area should be a sight to see when games kick off in the fall.