Photos: Is Lakers Legend Magic Johnson A Raiders Fan?

Magic Johnson Raiders

New owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Lakers legend, Magic Johnson, might be fan of a certain storied NFL franchise in the Bay Area. No, not the San Francisco 49ers, but the three-time Super Bowl champion Oakland Raiders.

Check out the picture below from our Raiders Tribune Instagram account:

Clearly, this picture was taken a long time ago with the team more than likely still the Los Angeles Raiders. Although this picture was probably taken in the 80’s and 90’s, Magic continues to show some love to the Raiders with an appearance at Coliseum:

Magic Johnson

With Magic playing a major role in the Dodgers resurgence this year, would you want Magic to be part of the Raiders organization?

Obviously, Mark Davis hasn’t shown any indication of selling the team, but Magic’s track record speaks for itself in terms of turning struggling franchises around both in sports and in the business world.

Along with Magic, what other celebrities or prominent figures in sports are fans of the Raiders? Let us know in the comments below.