NFL News: 40 Players Per Week Will Be Tested By The NFL For HGH
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

After pushing for the HGH testing policy in the NFL, the NFL Players Association has put a plan in place to test 40 players per week according to Howard Fendrich of the Associated Press:

The NFL Players Association has told its members that the union “tentatively agreed” that 40 players will take blood tests for HGH each week during the season, with a positive result drawing a four-game suspension.

With the threat of a four-game suspension for positive test results, players and teams will be on alert heading into the 2013 NFL season. The new HGH testing policy may severely impact the result of the upcoming regular season with the NFL finally putting a plan in place to penalize players for using performance-enhancing drugs.

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not HGH truly does run rampant in the NFL. Although considered the one player on the top of many people’s list for potentially using HGH, Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings admits that a lot of players in the league have are currently using HGH, but continues to stick by the stance that he does not use any form of PEDs.

Peterson tore his ACL in December of 2011 and appeared to be on the decline, but bounced back much quicker than anticipated in 2012 and came nine yards shy of breaking Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record. Peterson’s incredible season turned a lot of heads and led to speculation about the potential use of PEDs.