Mark Davis Believes Raiders ‘Already Won’ Fight For Los Angeles

There is still plenty of optimism surrounding the Oakland Raiders even after a 0-2 start to the preseason. While the offense has looked stellar with Derek Carr back, the defense has struggled and should be a concern for the team with the 2017 NFL season approaching.

Los Angeles has been treated to not one, but two football teams with both the Rams and Chargers now in town. However, both franchises have endured some issues when it comes to to building up their respective fanbases and according to Vincent Bonsignore of Orange County Register Raiders owner Mark Davis believes his team has a foothold on the Los Angeles football audience:

You know, it’s kind of funny,” Davis said. “They’re talking about the fight for Los Angeles. And Raiders fans have been telling me we already won that fight. And that the Rams and Chargers are fighting for the No. 2 and 3 spots.”

While Davis’ comments are a bit brash, he is not wrong as the Raiders have a strong contingent of fans in the greater Los Angeles area. The silver and black won Super Bowl XVIII when they were the Los Angeles Raiders and the franchise has been held in high esteem in Southern California since.

As the Rams and Chargers continue their fight for Los Angeles, the Raiders sit comfortably knowing they have loyal fans all over California. Their primary focus will be bringing a Super Bowl to Oakland and they are finally in a great position to do just that.