Las Vegas Stadium Authority Board Unanimously Approves Lease Agreement, Raiders Avoid 2021 Setback

The Oakland Raiders were given a difficult deadline regarding their relocation to Las Vegas, in regards to the construction of the Las Vegas Stadium. The organization needed to find common ground with the Las Vegas Stadium Authority Board regarding their lease agreement, in order to avoid pushing the completion date a full season.

Owner Mark Davis and the front office needed a final lease agreement in place before the conclusion of the May meeting, which would dodge the next meeting held in the month of October. The 2017 NFL offseason has resolved around Marshawn Lynch and the Las Vegas relocation, with the city of Oakland left to deal with the transition.

Although the fan base is anticipating the 2017 season and the conclusion of the Raiders return to greatness, Davis and the front office continue to work out the details in finalizing the process. It looks like his team was able to succeed, as they were able to receive a unanimous approval for the new lease in place, via Rick Velotta of the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

The Raiders avoided disastrous results with the possible completion pushed to 2021, meaning the Raiders would have to find another temporary home for two seasons. The Oakland Coliseum has already stated that they don’t want the Raiders to return for the 2019 season, which was the gap year before the Las Vegas Stadium would be complete.

Oakland is concluding their voluntary workouts and team drills with OTAs around the corner, breathing life into the 2017 season. While this major breakdown was avoided, the organization must continue to make the transition fluid and peaceful.