Jack Del Rio Says More ‘No Huddle’ Offense For Derek Carr

The Oakland Raiders turnaround in recent years has been impressive, as they finished 12-4 during the 2016 NFL season and made their first playoff appearance since 2002. With a revamped roster, the Raiders will be a Super Bowl contender again next season.

One of the most significant additions to the Raiders was actually to the sidelines, as head coach Jack Del Rio is largely responsible for the team’s improvement. Del Rio’s aggressive in-game decisions helped turn the tides of several games, providing fans with an exciting brand of football. According to Raiders, Del Rio will allow Derek Carr more no huddle opportunities:

“In terms of what we do with Derek, we think he is really good at operating out of a no huddle” said Del Rio. “Being able to see what the defense wants to do, about giving him more and more leeway at the line, and more opportunity to get us out of bad plays, and into good plays. Just feel like with a quarterback with his talents, that we have to take advantage of that, and so absolutely, we’re going to look to do more of that as we go.”

The up-tempo style that no huddles provide will allow Carr to find his rhythm earlier as well as utilize his understanding of defensive coverages. More freedom at the line will also aid in Carr’s development and make him an even more prolific quarterback.

It is clear that the team’s success hinges on Carr’s ability to make plays and adding more no huddle opportunities will only benefit him. Already a talented quarterback, Carr has the potential to transform into an elite one.