Donald Penn Says Marshawn Lynch Is ‘Still Learning’ Raiders Scheme

The 2017 NFL season has been an inconsistent one to say the least for the Oakland Raiders. After starting off strong, the Raiders have tailed off a bit, dropping their last two games. The offense was close to nonexistent in their losses as they only managed to score 10 points in both contests.

Marshawn Lynch was arguably Oakland’s biggest acquisition of the offseason as the veteran running back opted to sign with his hometown team after spending the past year in retirement. However, Lynch has struggled mightily to recapture his running form, often picking up minimal to no yards gained on the ground.

According to Jerry McDonald of Mercury News, Donald Penn says Lynch has been proactive in talking to the offensive line to better his understanding of the Raiders’ scheme:

He was asking what we’re reading and what we were thinking or weren’t thinking,” Penn said. “He’s definitely learning. This is new for him — a totally different scheme than what he ran in Seattle.”

The former Seattle Seahawk looked impressive in his first two outings, showing off his trademark “smashmouth” running style and breaking tackles to pick up extra yards. Since then, however, he has found it difficult to find running room between the tackles as opposing defenses are keying in on him early on carries.

With Derek Carr likely out for the next several weeks, the Raiders will need to rely on their run game to carry the offense. Lynch has yet to break off a huge play, but will have plenty of opportunities when Oakland plays the Baltimore Ravens in Week 5.