Charles Woodson On Peyton Manning: ‘He’s The Best Of The Best’
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Veteran safety/cornerback Charles Woodson will head into NFL Week 3 set to face off against arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL today and player he’s been linked to ever since his college days with Michigan.

Earlier this week, Woodson was asked about Peyton Manning and the respect he has for the veteran quarterback. Woodson said the following about Manning via Paul Gutierrez of

“Well, he’s the best of the best, you know; he’s seen everything and he probably watches film probably more than anybody else, and he’s going to know what to look for when he walks up to the line,” Woodson said this week. “The thing with him is you try your best to give him different looks and not let him know what [defensive set] you’re in.

“If he knows what you’re in, you see what he’s done the first couple of weeks.”

The four-time NFL MVP will attempt to lead the Denver Broncos to a perfect 3-0 record on Monday while playing host to the division rival Oakland Raiders. The Broncos have the clear advantage across the board with Denver currently considered an elite team in the AFC, but the Raiders have shown signs of life in the first two weeks and will be looking to pull off the biggest upset of season.

The Raiders are currently heavy underdogs with the Broncos favored at -15.5. Oakland may be the underdogs with no one believing this team has a chance to win this game or put up fight against the AFC heavyweights, but this young team is starting to come together and may be able to surprise some people on NFL’s biggest stage Monday night.