Raiders News: Roger Goodell Says Oakland Did Not Violate Rooney Rule

After a more than disappointing 2017 NFL season, the Oakland Raiders have plenty of work to do to return to the top of the NFL. The Raiders immediately made a move to revamp the team’s culture by bringing in Jon Gruden to replace Jack Del Rio as the head coach.

However, Gruden’s hiring raised several alarms around the league as people felt that Oakland did not satisfy the Rooney Rule in their coaching search. However, according to Paul Gutierrez of ESPN, Roger Goodell said the team did indeed comply with the rule:

Let me say that there was a full investigation with that and our staff,” Goodell said of allegations that the Raiders didn’t follow the Rooney Rule. “We checked facts. … We talked to everyone in the situation and made sure they were compliant.”

The Raiders have a reputation for hiring minorities along the sideline and in the front office, but the concern was understandable given the timing of the coaching change. Rumors swirled that the league had asked Oakland to sign Colin Kaepernick as collateral for overlooking the issue, but it appears that those rumors were more smoke than fire.

With the situation behind them, Gruden will now be responsible for turning the silver and black around. His past experience and success with the franchise is sure to help, but it remains to be seen if he will actually get the job done.