Raiders News: Josh Jacobs Adamant Las Vegas Should Consider Alternate Jerseys
Josh Jacobs, Raiders
Matthew Stockman-Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders are one of the most recognizable and popular franchises in the NFL, and one of the reasons why is their iconic Silver and Black uniforms.

The Raiders have long donned their traditional black jerseys with silver pants, with gray outlining the numbers. Las Vegas also has its set of white jerseys with the numerals in all black along with the usual gray accents.

While the team has not tried to change things up regarding their look, it is always fun to imagine what an alternate uniform could look like. A graphic designer took to Twitter to re-design the Raiders’ current jerseys and came up with a sleek, all-black set. Josh Jacobs seemed pleased and even requested his team to consider adopting the look via his Twitter.

The design is simple yet powerful as the all-black combination really sticks out on the field in the photo. The gray outlining the jersey numbers remain, while the all-black helmet features the Raiders’ shield and logo. The shield has been used in previous uniforms, so the addition here is nothing new though it is a subtle nod to the franchise’s history.

While it is doubtful that the Raiders change up their uniforms anytime soon, it raises the question as to whether they will consider some sort of modifications in the future. As a younger player on the roster, Jacobs is naturally more inclined to embrace change, and it makes sense given how he looks in re-imagined Las Vegas alternates.

Regardless of what they wear, the Silver and Black have more important things to focus on. The roster is still in need of talent infusions, and it will be interesting how they approach the remainder of free agency and the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft.