Raiders News: Jalen Richard Welcomes Lynn Bowden To Backfield With Open Arms
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In the modern game of football, it has become more and more common to see running back by committee. With the number of injuries workhorse running backs typically sustain, it is understandable that teams would want to limit those as much as possible by giving them breaks throughout the course of games.

For the Las Vegas Raiders, they have a clear No. 1 running back in Josh Jacobs, but that did not stop them from drafting another running back in Lynn Bowden out of Kentucky. Bowden was noted throughout his college career for his versatile skillset, playing across nearly all skill positions on the offense and also serving as the team’s return specialist.

Although Jacobs’ spot with the Raiders is secure, it could have been very easy for other Raiders running backs like Jalen Richard to become insecure. Richard, who signed and extension with the organization this offseason, took the exact opposite position though, via Tashan Reed of The Athletic:

“I’m all for it,” Richard said. “I got my money. I’m cool. S—, the more the merrier. We all can help each other. Josh (Jacobs) can lean on us and we can lean on Josh. That’s how that’s gon’ go.”

Richard has served as a backup since the Raiders signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2016. Last season was one of his best seasons, rushing for 145 yards in addition to 323 more receiving.

As for his money, Richard certainly should be feeling secure on that front as well after signing a two-year, $7 million contract extension, keeping him with the Raiders for a couple more years. That extension could be extremely valuable as the team lost DeAndre Washington to their AFC rivals the Kansas City Chiefs.

Losing Washington could be another reason as to why the Raiders drafted Bowden, although it remains to be seen how much time at running back he will get. He will likely be seeing most of his time with the special teams unit while Jacobs leads the backfield if he can remain healthy in 2020.