Raiders News: Derek Carr ‘Disgusted, Mad And Broken-Hearted’ After Watching George Floyd Video
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The outrage in the United States has been loud and warranted in recent days after a video surfaced of a black man named George Floyd being killed by a police officer in Minnesota.

The topic of police brutality and racism has been especially prevalent in the NFL since Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem as a protest. While many people didn’t pay attention to Kaepernick all of those years, they certainly are now after Floyd’s death.

Many Las Vegas Raiders players have been vocal on social media in recent days, including wide receiver Zay Jones sharing a touching story of an interaction he had with a Minnesota woman who told him that his life matters.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr also took to social media to share his thoughts, stating that he was disgusted by the video of Floyd being murdered and wants the country to make some changes:

“My initial thoughts on the video of George Floyd made me disgusted, mad, and broken-hearted,” Carr wrote. “Anytime someone loses their life, it’s a terrible thing especially when it could’ve been prevented. My opinions won’t make a difference on how that should’ve been handled better, but I do think my platform can be used to help. I don’t know what it’s like to have a different skin color, so I won’t pretend to know. My mentor and friends have told me stories, and it breaks my hear to hear some of the things that have happened.

“I was raised to love everyone no matter their gender, skin color, political beliefs, socioeconomic background, or religious beliefs. I was taught that ALL life has purpose and that we are all created equal by a loving God. This is exactly how my children are and will be raised as well. I pray that anyone who reads this will do the same for their families. The division and hate has to end. My hope is that our country would someday be the place other nations look to for unity. God bless you.”

Carr has never been one to shy away from social issues, and as the leader of the Raiders, it is great to see that he is continuing to be vocal now.

As riots continue in cities all across the country though, it is important for everyone to stay safe, but also voice their opinions on the matter so they are heard. Carr leading by example in that aspect is one of the many reasons the Raiders trust him to lead them into their new era at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.